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Arisaka type 99 #1 (I own)Series 4, Nagoya Stamp, no subcontractors. All numbered parts match (bolt,reciever,buttstock, metal Bands. guys look at price books and think thats what they should get for guns ,,and it doesn't happen very often ,,books are guides and sometimes the values can be acheivable but everything has to be right and a collector must really want the item being offered ,,a gun dealer at a gunshop would proably offer the guy maybe around 100 bucks at best for the rifle and thats not before he sees it,,last ditch correct rifles are a version of the **** rifles that if correct with matching numbers can still bring good money to a collector ,,but some people think these rifles are inferior ,,whats inferior is that these were made and assembled in small factories or even in houses because of the bombing that was going on at the time and the factories were prime targets so the japanese resorted to production on a smaller scale to keep the rifles churning out ,,production was reduced to simpler features such as fixed sights ,,wooden buttplates that were nail on ,,and crude finishes,,just to mention a few ,,a **** action is one of the toughest actions that was made in there time and alot of testing was done to TRY TO BLOW ONE without sucess,,i'm not saying that last ditch rifles are good to shoot but the japanese were smart enough that they didn't want to loose troops by building a rifle that wasn't for dateing specific rifles ..records show the years of production but i don't know of a good source for getting info on specific rifles ,,this site is where i go when i have a **** rifle and it's as good as i have found to date the link doesn't work for ya do a search on japanese rifle markings and look for the site with bbrown in the address) now for prices on your bayonets ,,there are some rarer bayonets that will bring around 150 or - but most common manufacture nagoya or kokura will average in the 75 -100 range with scabbard ,,if ya have the correct frogs then ya can sometimes add anothe 20-30 depending how nice they are ..i see the bayonets pretty rgular at gunshows and flea markets in the 60-75 range without the frogs ,,i also sometimes see them over 100 but there slow movers at these prices ..,,in closeing japanese rifles and bayonets have jumped quit a bit in the past 10 years but serious collectors are pretty pickey what they spend there money on and just because a rifle has the mum intact or partially intact doesn't mean they want it ,,because the rest of the rifle has to be right also.... I too used the brown markings sheet, but beyond that...

Bore (chrome)Excellent, Overall cosmetic very good at least. Bayonet #1 type 30 (I Own)Nagoya arsenal code (same as rifle) no subcontractor. Blade and sheath blued finish and both 90-95% original finish. in a collectors eyes sometimes it's better to be all matching without the mum .to be mismatched with a mum..

The imperial ownership seal, a 16-petal chrysanthemum known as the Chrysanthemum Flower Seal stamped upon the top of the receiver in all official imperial-issue rifles, has often been defaced by filing, grinding, or stamping on surviving examples.

There are conflicting claims that this was done on the orders of the Imperial Japanese Military prior to surrender, however it is generally accepted by most historians that the imperial chrysanthemums were ground off the rifles on the orders from General Douglas Mac Arthur, the commander of occupation forces at that time. Most of the Arisakas with surviving insignia are in Japan, though there are a few remaining on samples taken as war trophies before the surrender, and those captured by Chinese forces.

A very small run of Type 38 rifles was also manufactured for export to Mexico in 1910, with the Mexican coat of arms instead of the imperial chrysanthemum, though few arrived before the Mexican Revolution and the bulk remained in Japan until World War I, when they were sold to Imperial Russia. Changes include tangent type rear sight, separate sliding bolt cover (as opposed to simultaneously moving ones on all other types after) of the same type later used on the Type 45 Siamese Mauser, hook safety replaced with a large knob cocking piece to protect from gases in case of a blown primer, larger bolt handle knob, improved bolt head, gas port in bolt body, and improved chamber configuration for better cartridge feeding. Chambered in 6.5×50mm SR Type 38, Type 30 cartridge is also usable.

A short variant exists for ease of handling, its length is between the basic rifle and the carbine.

1085 with a carbon content of 0.80% to 0.90%, and a manganese content of 0.60% to 0.90%." The Arisaka's were also one of the only guns of the era to use polygonal rifling in its barrels, rather than the more traditional lands and grooves.

Distinguishing features are its folding spike bayonet and two-piece takedown cleaning rods concealed within the buttstock.

Originally intended for the cavalry, also used by other support personnel.

Since most Imperial Japanese Armory contents were thrown into Tokyo Harbor after the signing of the surrender, spare ammunition also became rare.

Additional 6.5×50mm SR ammunition was, however, produced in China for use in their captured rifles.

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Significant changes are the improvement of the rear sight form transitioning from a V-notch type like those on a Type 38, to an aperture, the front sight blade was renewed to a triangular shape, chrome-lined barrels were used, and on earlier productions, the rear sight was equipped with anti-aircraft calipers.

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