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“In the 13th century there are records of coal digging in Durham and South Wales.

How about the first lick of British industrial heroin, coal, then?With no electricity (we went “low tech, sustainable” right? His son, Burns Lyman Smith, convinced him to build instead a much taller skyscraper to steal the crown from rival city Tacoma‘s National Realty Building as the tallest west of the Mississippi River. Although Smith did not live to see it, the building was completed in 1914 to a height of 143 m (469 ft) from curbside to the top of the pyramid, Smith Tower opened to the public on July 4, 1914.Over 4,000 Seattleites rode to the 35th floor on opening day.Which arose first: Human development into a hyper-industrialized resource gobbler OR money? Things do change and at my age memory ain’t what it…uh…where were we? (Continues below) Retrieved from: What you’ll find is this little gem – which is ideal for this discussion: It may be a bit hard to see on a phone, but the blue areas are the human pop and the red line is the rolling Annual Growth Rate.Sure, you can look at the sharp rise in the kneed of the curve there (around 1900) and figure well, global pop was sustainable at those levels. Remember, this was before electric lights (generally), before radio, before indoor plumbing most places, before public health, clean water, antibiotics, and not much in the way of cars, no gas stations to speak of, lots of horse poop, and…well sustainable but at what would be sustainable.” No.

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Still, you can do some amazing stuff with small populations. What made it sustainable was likely the “lost technologies” – much of which has been collected by people like Robert Nelson over at I mentioned Tuesday.

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