Cow dating games

Help Duck to Escape from the cage by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in the farm.

Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Tara is a homegrown country girl with a burning desire to become the next big thing in the entertainment industry!

I also plan on trying to draw the new sprites soon for the character page.

Basically, the whole blog will be getting a facelift.

Please check back in a few weeks or so.- Reese Hello, blog owner here (posting from my new blog account).

Just wondering, is anyone still interested in this game?

I know it’s been a loooong time since there have been any updates. Not much has changed, actually, except for one major change: the swapping out of Sly for Seamus!

You must collect the cows and take them to the safety of the airport where they can be flown away.Feed, groom, and care for an assortment of cute animals in this farm adoption game. It\'s sad but true: your cows have been infected by a strange disease. Your only chance is to pick out the infected animals and get rid of them. Lucy loves dressing up for costume parties, but for the past few parties, she's been slowing losing her pieces of the costume. Shoot your way across various lands, avoiding cows, bridges, and other obstacles.So now she may have to mix and match her pieces of a lion, cow, mouse... Despite not having any brothers or sisters to play with, this cute little girl is never lonely as she has an army of toys to keep her company, including Panda Sweety, the Pac Brothe... Try to get into ye olde hole by the par on each level. You are an alien in a weird disguise on an earthling-kidnapping spree. Giant robots, exploding cows, superheroes and psychic toasters? When can you expect the first version of “Let’s Date Cow Chop”, you may ask? I have an abundance of free time but a major lack of motivation.However, with the release of the new channel, I’m starting to get my mojo back because James and Aleks were always my favorites and seeing them as a team again really excites me.

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