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This past week’s episode saw Dolores really get into it with Danielle – what can you tell us about that argument and how do you feel about the way in which both women handled themselves?

Well, I wasn’t present when the two of them had the discussion which then led to the argument.

is out – what should fans expect from you this time round?

You can expect to see me open up a lot regarding [my husband] Joe.

You just have to remember that you’ve got five powerful women with opinions and they aren’t always going to see eye to eye.

There is drama though that happens with Margaret; she doesn’t stay quiet for long and she shows she’s got an opinion.Can you pinpoint the moment where you think she took things too far?I don’t see what the problem was [at all], it’s not like we ruined the cake; we did eat the cake anyways so who cares?The only reason I threw it was because Melissa kept going on at me, so I wanted to throw it!The teasers for the season hint at a little bit of to-and-fro between you and Melissa, but you both seem stronger than ever, along with your brother Joe. You know, it’s like every family; we have our dramas but everything is great and amazing. You’ve been on quite the emotional journey with family over the past year or so, and thank you for sharing with us your life in even the worst moments.

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It’s something that I will never forget and Margaret was so amazing to organise it; it was really beautiful.

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