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And that's an amazing and enthralling part of childhood. The problem lies when too much childhood make believe still exists during all those adulting years. That's one dude in the history of the entire NFL that it happened to. And the Detroit Lions suck, and have never even been to a single Super Bowl. Lions don't set out to do what they aren't designed for.

I found myself playing semi-pro football out in Texas, watching the NFL every Sunday, and dreamed of one day donning an NFL uniform. You're more likely to find yourself working as a stunt double for Jason Statham than that happening. And you're not designed to be a lion, no matter how many memes you post about them.

Fear often keeps people from collecting new experiences and from moving away from stagnation in their life. They also lie around in the sun not doing shit at all the rest of the time. To get mounted and have the cubs, and to hunt together with the other females to provide for the pride.

As young men we grow up watching sports, then proceed to run out into the yard, and play catch with our friends while wearing a jersey with another dudes name on the back of it. Lions aren't out trying to catch footballs so they can play in the NFL.

The Walking Dead's gentleman hero Glenn, was a refreshingly modest TV star, his Instagram account would prove you intuitive.

Whether it's arty nature shots of seals by the shore (with quietly awed captioning) or unfussy glimpses into the moments before a media commitment, Yeun invites followers to experience celebrity from the outside in, even after you've passed through the ropes.

Our passions are often a product of things we've been exposed to. You expected a "no" right there, but I pimp slapped you with a "Yes, I did." Tom and I went out after the game and partied with super models all night and did a butt ton of ecstasy. But I wasn't designed for it enough that it would provide a real degree of sustenance for me. It wasn't until I woke up one morning after a practice with an indoor team, where I was so sore I couldn't turn my head that I realized I was done with such stupidity. I found out I was pretty good at this whole writing thing, and that I really liked it a lot. For the great majority that feel as if they are wandering aimlessly at times, the question they sit around and ruminate on is "what do I want to be when I grow up? Then there's the other kind of people who dream all day about developing or finding their design and finding what they are passionate about, but are never brave or ambitious enough to do anything about it. You're going to be sitting on the toilet one day when you're like 79, flipping through whatever cosmic device that's been invented by that time, looking at lion memes, and it's going to dawn on you, right there in mid-shit - "I wasted a lot of years, doing a lot of stuff that I wasn't designed for, nor passionate about." Lions understand their design. I think I've watched just about every documentary ever made on them.I even wrote about them in my first book Strength, Life, Legacy.I also believe that we have someone else we are best designed for.But much like finding what you're designed for, that often doesn't happen until you spend some time developing and cultivating who you want to become through periods of severe adversity. What you've been designed for, may not be what you're passionate about. But only good enough at it for it to serve as an appetizer in my life. It was never going to pay my bills or feed me and my kids. And because of that, I let go of chasing that dragon, and I found other passions and hobbies that filled up my time.

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