Dating and jealousy

Certified life coach and hypnotist Michelle Brock says, “It is important to be brutally honest with yourself and examine what your fears are.” Brock recommends asking yourself the following questions—try journaling your answers to hash out your feelings: Do you feel insecure and undesirable and need a man to validate you as a woman? “Step off the treadmill for a while, you can’t fix this pattern without doing some real inner work yourself,” says Brock.

“If you can renegotiate this contract with yourself that ‘men can’t be trusted,’ and replace it with one that says, ‘I am deserving of a trustworthy, honest, loyal man,’ then that is what you will attract,” Brock explains.

“Our bodies release a chemical called dopamine,” says Dr. “Dopamine is released during all pleasure seeking activities including eating, sex, risk taking, achieving goals and more.

You may mistakenly attribute that feeling to the person rather than the chemical release in your brain which will create a false sense of connection making jealous and hurt feelings much more likely!

So take a deep breath and abide by these expert-recommended tips to clear out those buzz-kill jealous feelings.

Casual Dating: Be Honest with Yourself In a committed relationship, you’ve established that you two are exclusive, but when you’re casually dating someone, both of you may be going on dates with other people.

This is a big relationship issue that often does (but doesn’t have to) ruin your relationship. No matter what your partner does, you still feel jealous UNLESS you track it down, dissect it, and reduce it to a speck of its former power!

“Even though sex be easier to see things more clearly if you save the sex for a boyfriend rather than a casual encounter, especially if you tend to get jealous,” explains Dr. Even if you think you have jealousy under control, don’t underestimate your body’s reaction to sex and how it can bring on unexpected bouts of jealousy.

” If you’re worried sex might fog the line between casually dating and monogamous dating, take a step back and remember there are lots of great ways to get to know and grow closer to someone outside of the bedroom.

(Just check out these 20 Date Night Ideas.) Learn to Trust A lack of trust is often the root cause of jealousy in relationships.

(Now, just in case you’re about to go off the deep end and yell at me “But, s/he cheated,” that is not about jealousy. Phil says: “Jealousy is a poorly disguised need for power and control.” Here’s some telling relationship questions: You’ve got a problem. Even if your partner has never strayed in thought, word, or deed, your suspicious behavior may drive them to do that, too. You can get relationship help to find out where that jealousy came from, where it’s hiding, and why it sneaks its head out to devour your relationship.

That is about actual behavior that took place that now needs attention and relationship help.) Jealousy isn’t about something that really happened. It worms its way up from within you, looking suspiciously at your partner over your shoulder at all times. It is your insecurities tying you up in knots and spitting them out at your partner. If s/he is being accused of cheating all the time, they might take that as you telling them to go ahead. Don’t let jealousy ruin your relationship and your life.

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