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At the time of making any payment, TDS is required to be deducted by the person making the payment.The rate of TDS depends on the nature of payment made and in this article; we would be focusing on Section 194C which deals with TDS on Payment to Contractor & Sub-Contractor.Pricewatch asked one operator where the goods he bought ended up, but was told the final destination of the clothing was “sensitive information” that he “wouldn’t like to divulge”.

A leather handbag, for example, weighs about 1kg, a pair of jeans is about 600g and a pair of runners comes in at about 800g.Many of the shops also offer to collect clothes, but they might require you to have a minimum weight for collection or, if not, you can expect to be paid less.You will need a significant amount of clothes if you want to boost your income, given that you can expect to make anywhere from just 50 cent up to €1 for 1kg, depending on where you go.If you’re looking to boost your return, a pair of old curtains for example might be a good idea, given how heavy they can be.If you have too many clothes and other goods, there can be a dual upside to selling them – decluttering your home while making some money.

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