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Do not pull us apart.” The only other time this hormone is released is when there is intimate physical contact. We’ll open up God’s Word together and encourage each other to choose His best (even if it’s a little awkward).

What psychologists and scientists are discovering is that when we have intimate contact with another person, our brains have a chemical reaction that causes a bond to seal. The glue still adheres, but then the couple must be ripped apart. As a young woman, I always heard married couples tell one of two stories about sex. PS: To continue this conversation, we’ve pulled out a post from our archives, “If You’ve Ever Thought God Is Anti-Sex.” Check it out tomorrow!

Let’s keep talking about the radical life Jesus calls us to.

We’ll open up God’s Word together and encourage each other to choose His best (even if it’s a little awkward).

Also watch for Brad Pitt and Matt Damon in fleeting, non-speaking cameo roles.

The film (and book) explore the double life of Chuck Barris who was once described as lowering the bar on television for ever. True or not, the film and story raise Barris up to the level of Andy Kauffman.

It’s tempting to question if God’s standards are possible.

All I think is if you can find work, stay healthy, find somebody to share it with, you're the ultimate success.

The double life however, is the life of a CIA contract assassin. In a Tyler Durdensque manner this Beautiful Mind takes you thru Barris' theoretical hell or coming to terms with his own personality foibles.

Rockwell is spot on in his portrayal both on and off the small screen as Barris.

The reproduction of Gong Show Antics are spooky to say the least.

The film is inter-cut with appearances from actual colleagues from Barris' past (such as J. Morgan, Gene Gene the Dancing Machine, and others) in an almost Harry-Met-Sally style of nostalgic interview.

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