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The Masculine Traveler will break down Panama City so you can have a blast and score with hot Panamanians.Attractiveness of local women: 2/5 Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3.5/5 Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 3/5 Logistics: 3/5 Cost: 3/5 English Levels: 2.5/5 The climate is tropical with the average high for the year spanning 93 degrees F.Panama City boasts an array of budget, mid-range, and upscale hotels.Like most cities in Latin America, make sure your hotel is “guest friendly”. It has a good location close to Via Espana and a 10 minute walk to Calle Uruguay.Panama and Central America in general are generally underrepresented in the Game/Travel community.With a population just under 900,000 and a location easily accessible from the States, Panama City warrants serious consideration.

The one big advantage is that Panama stands out as one of the countries where girls have messaged initiated contact with me first. As always, Spanish, style and looks will help you infiltrate social girls There are a lot of casinos. Veneto Casino is filled with hookers at night from Colombia.The wet season runs from May-December and the dry season runs January-April.I was there in December and January and the weather was perfect, usually running 90 degrees F in the day with little rain. Some good options around Calle Uruguay: off of Via Espana is a good option for lunch with a price of 3 dollars including a drink. I am not sure about the percentage, but it was quite high for Central America.Men are often deterred by safety concerns and a perception that the women are too “indigenous” looking.Most of the travel literature focuses on expat retirement and ecotourism.

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