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It’s been a lively 24 hours for the Clipper 09-10 fleet with some tough conditions for the crews on their final ocean crossing of this 35,000-mile race around the planet.

I hardly sailed multihulls for the past ten years so it will be a tough task, but it will be a pleasure to be on the Formula 40s of the third millennium.”Joining Jourdain will be experienced Extreme 40 sailor Jean-Christophe Mourniac, former French National Match Racing Champion Philippe Legros and and experienced match racer, Christophe André, who raced in 2009 in both the Kiel and Amsterdam Extreme 40 events with LUNA.SHAKEN & SICK BUT OK 22 141 UK David Graham Astro RETIRED DUE TO GEAR FAILURE 25 4532T UK John Margarson Fluffy RETURNING TO UK WITH EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS 30 UK Chris Garbett Jasabe STEERING GEAR DAMAGED IN STORM 28 6565Y UK Chris Jackson Sixpence CHARGING PROBLEM 30 6 UK Gus Davidson Just Right ARRIVED IN PONTA DELAGADA RETIRED DUE TO TIME TAKEN 20 GG52 UK Andy Lane Amadeus DIS-MASTED AND HULL HOLED. AMADEUS LOST 21 FR Duncan Lougee Vaquero RETIRED TO HORTA WITH MAST MOVEMENT PROBLEM 31* 5509Y UK Nigel Stillman Grettal RETIRED DUE TO SLOW PROGRESS & TIME RESTRICTION 30 UK Guy Waites Red Admiral RETURNED TO UK WITH DAMAGED BULKHEAD 26 CO256 UK Follow other racers on the Jester Challenge Tracker to the right For more info click HERE Share on Facebook Dee Caffari and Anna Corbella claim sixth place into Palma on Leg 5 of the Vuelta a Espana At 10.36 hrs BST today, the crew aboard GAES Centros Auditivos completed the 140 miles between the towns of Calpe and Palma, which formed the penultimate stage of the Vuelta a Espana.The Open 60 skippered by British yachtswoman Dee Caffari and Spaniard Anna Corbella finished in sixth position despite encountering serious problems with the main winch during the leg.Dehler 29 ARRIVED 27/06/10 L UK Still Sailing Trevor Leek Jester Junk-rigged modified Folkboat 25 27 UK Roger Taylor Mingming Junk-rigged Corribee 21 UK Michail Soldatov Gerda Albin Vega 27 27 3168 RU Denis Gorman Lizzie-G Stopped at The Azores for repairs ….continued 27 UK Tony Head Triple Venture Twister 28 6565Y UK John Apps Glayva UFO27 27 7486Y AU Thomas Jucker Marta Bristol Channel Cutter 28 CH Tim Mc Cloy China Blue Junk-rigged modified Folkboat…..Stopped at Terceira 25 3 KE Alexei Fedoruk Fason Modified Olympic Class Dragon 29 RUS 808 RU Retired Alan Rees Argus RETIRED 23/05 NOT READY 20.5 587E UK Scott Turner Altamira SEVERELY DAMAGED STEERING GEAR 21 21 UK UK Bill Churchouse Belgean FELL OVERBOARD.

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