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This is probably the only film on this list that places the romance as a secondary afterthought, but it’s too sweet not to include. It’s not hard to love the characters and the story. It’s about a geeky guy who hires his high school crush to be his dating “coach.” This is all sorts of cute.It’s about a father and daughter who reunite just prior to her wedding. This one tells the story of a bride (again played by Brooke D’Orsay) whose soon to be mother-in-law is determined to prove she’s not good enough for her son.The woman on the other end of the letter – who just so happens to be a fan of Heath’s work, is invited out to their home unaware it isn’t Heath inviting her.Bad weather, baking and cupid work in harmony to bring these two together.A recent original premiere to air on Hallmark, this story has a great message about realizing that our wishes aren’t exactly “real.” The fantasy world its heroine Lindsay lives in (through her wishes) leads her to discover the easy life isn’t what she wanted. If not, which Hallmark Channel Romances are on your favorites list?Period Drama lovers, head on over to our Period Drama Archives with personalized reviews sorted by historical era!A helpful page to find just what you're in the mood for.Welcome to The Silver Petticoat Review, the kindred spirit destination for lovers of romance and Romanticism.

Though the storytelling can get lost in clichés, I find their branding delightful.Following an April Fool’s wish list, Mira’s plans for the future begin coming true – dream promotion, new house… tells the story of three recently married couples who all find out they weren’t legally married.Naturally, it not only causes complications in the lives of the couples, it also makes them reevaluate and ask themselves if they made the right decision.Cute, snappy and mixing in some nice classic literature references, this film is definitely a chick flick.Wishing his father would find love again (following the death of his mother), a boy represents his well-known photographer father and replies to one of his emails.

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After all, who doesn’t enjoy a fun chick flick on a Saturday night in?

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