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A person or entity wishing to register for VAT must apply for a VAT identification number by submitting anelectronic form via the e Tax system or portal e-Vem to the tax administration office.Use of the e-Tax system or e-Vem requires a digital certificate.The application must be submitted electronically on the DDV-P3 form through the e Tax system.The form must be accompanied by a certificate from the relevant authority from where the company is based stating that the company is liable to charge VAT in that place, or by an extract from the business register which demonstrates that the company is registered as a business entity in its home area.A foreign taxable person who obtains a tax identification number and VAT identification number in Slovenia is obliged to submit monthly VAT returns.An application for a VAT identification number must be submitted at least 15 days before the company starts business.The DDV-O form may be sent to the tax office only in electronic form through the e Tax system .Use of the e-Tax system requires a digital certificate.

(To review form DDV-P2.) Based on the submitted application, the tax authority identifies the person or entity for VAT purposes: a VAT identification number is assigned, which consists of alphanumeric characters with the first two indicating the country the business is registered in (SI for Slovenia) and the number itself.

Within the scope of the update of the railway network, Slovenia is carrying out the "ERTMS/ETCS Deployment on Corridor D Infrastructure" project, which is co-financed with TEN-T European funds, on the Slovenian Corridor D section, which includes railway lines from the state border with Italy, via Sežana, Ljubljana, Zidani Most, Pragersko, Hodoš, to the state border with Hungary, and the Divača–Koper feeder line. In order to revitalise and improve the competitiveness of railway traffic, thus redirecting freight traffic from roads to rail, the EU adopted Decision No.

884/2004/EC on the establishment of six European priority railway corridors, which have been included in the EU Interoperability Directive 2008/57/EC, dated 17 June 2008 and TSI (technical specification for the interoperability of the Trans-European Rail Network, on the basis of which Member States...

The Slovenian tax authority issues the VAT identification number by no later than the last day of the month following the month of application.

Every taxable person identified for VAT purposes is obliged to submit a VAT return.

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The public railway infrastructure is owned by the Republic of Slovenia.

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