Dating violence batterer behavior

A partner who treats animals and children badly may also be more likely to become abusive later on in your relationship.

A partner who needs to put other people down in order to build himself up -- also known as hierarchical self-esteem -- may be more likely to become abusive, says family violence consultant Steven Stosny, in a "Psychology Today" article titled "Are You Dating an Abuser?

A potential abuser may make decisions for you such as ordering your meal at a restaurant or planning social activities without consulting you, according to an article titled "18 Early Signs During Dating of a Potential Abuser or Batterer" on the website Women Are Safe.

Abused women of faith are more likely to stay in an abusive relationship, because they have been misled to believe it is their duty as a good Christian wife and/or mother to obey and accept the mental or physical abuse from their partner.

Some of these women are fearful of the moral repercussions of breaking up a marriage or a family.

If it feels like there is an imbalance of power, you may be with a partner who will become abusive, according to an article titled "Early Warning Signs and the Beginning of an Abusive Relationship" on the website of West Island Women's Shelter.

As a way to maintain power in a relationship, abusers often seek partners who come from situations that have left them feeling vulnerable.

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Although WHEN's main focus is supporting women who have been abused, the organization also hosts an annual conference that offers workshops to support male domestic violence victims, and to educate male abusers who are aware of their ways and seek to make a change.

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