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After 1000 the Crusades were a series of religiously motivated military expeditions originally intended to bring the Levant back under Christian rule.

The Crusaders opened trade routes which enabled the merchant republics of Genoa and Venice to become major economic powers.

Later, the Roman Empire came to dominate the entire Mediterranean basin.

The fall of the Roman Empire in AD 476 traditionally marks the start of the Middle Ages.

As Mongol power waned towards the Late Middle Ages, the Grand Duchy of Moscow rose to become the strongest of the numerous Russian principalities and republics and would grow into the Tsardom of Russia in 1547.In the 20th century, World War I, and World War II resulted in massive numbers of deaths.The Cold War dominated European geo-politics from 1947 to 1989.The Normans, a Viking people who settled in Northern France, had a significant impact on many parts of Europe, from the Norman conquest of England to Southern Italy and Sicily.The Rus' people founded Kievan Rus', which evolved into Russia.

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The Late Middle Ages represented a period of upheaval in Europe.

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