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You will become your thoughts so try to keep them positive.

If you cannot keep positive thoughts, then embrace your current thoughts and have an expectation that the negative events will not occur. ” There are plenty of thoughts that could destroy a perfectly good date before it even starts.

” With all of the negative stigmas that come with being single, like turning into a “cat lady” or becoming a “spinster,” Spielmann found that many who participated in this study were willing to settle for less in order to avoid those fates.

We surveyed some single ladies who have put all those insecurities aside—these women are single, proud, and certainly not willing to lower their standards!

The negative thoughts are: “I hope we can hold a conversation” “What if there are awkward silences? So mentally work to expect positive results no matter what has happened in your past dating experiences.

University of Toronto researcher Stephanie Spielmann found that people who fear the single life often “settle for less in love; they’re more likely to cling to unhappy relationships and more willing to date duds!

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