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In his original appearance, Barret is a heavy-set, muscular dark-skinned man with a dirty brown vest, green pants and large brown boots.

His right arm was mangled in the loss of his hometown, and has been replaced with his weapon, the gun-arm, which lets him interchange various weapon attachments to it.

She and husband Marcus, who married in 2012, welcomed their first child Evelyn in 2015, three years after tying the knot.

Despite his brash and sometimes violent attitude, Barret has a good heart, and is torn between fighting and caring for his daughter Marlene.Carey's appearance at the premiere comes three weeks after she promoted the same film at the Mudbound at the Toronto International Film Festival.When asked by People magazine about being a mother of two, she replied: 'It's good, thank you!Despite the actress' successful career - which saw her nominated for an Oscar for An Education in 2009 - she recently revealed her nerves at dealing with fame.She told So It Goes magazine: 'I would do red carpets and be a wreck by the end; I found it awful and weird, standing there in my outfits with my body being judged and my appearance and make-up.

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