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As of May 2010, HDMI was currently on version 1.4, which includes the capacity to transmit a 3D signal, as well as an Ethernet connection, among other features.The HDMI consortium has banned manufacturers from advertising the release number (i.e. Instead, manufacturers should promote the cable's features, for example HDMI with Ethernet, HDMI standard or HDMI high speed.YPUsed for all analog audio and video out on the Play Station line of home video game consoles (a few early original Play Station models featured RCA-outs for composite video and stereo analog audio in addition to the AV Multi connector); not used on handheld Play Station consoles or the Play Station 4.

Ranking video cables from lowest to highest picture quality: If you already have HDMI ready components, or plan on purchasing them in the future, you want the best possible picture and sound available.M1-DA) both used this connector with slightly different pin assignments.These schemes combined VGA or digital video, audio, Fire Wire, and USB signals into a single connector.If you can run a cable from a camera to a digital video recorder, then you can install a CCTV Security camera system.If you do it yourself instead of outsourcing, you will save thousands of dollars.

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