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The first thing that people should know is the summer season is off peak for swingers but that still doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of action and our motto is it “Only takes one other couple or single guy to have a great time”.

Speaking to the swingers clubs owners we were told peak season for swingers is September to January with lots of action in the Autumn months as Swingers from all over Europe take advantage of the fact it’s warm all year round.

For good couple fun there are several swingers clubs in Playas Del Ingles and we were pleasantly surprised how nice they were and even though it was quiet season we were able to have a really good fun couple swapping session every time we went out.

The secret here is to casually walk amongst the bushes then cut through some of thicker vegetation out of sight so that you lose most of them.

Then once you have found you spot, put a towel down and just chill for 10 to 15 minutes enjoying the sun.

The horny guys will think you are not playing and just go away, some will try and get your attention by wanking loudly but you just look at them, laugh and say no and they soon get the point.

The clubs we went to were all with walking distance of the main Gay bars, club and shopping Centre known as Yumba Centre which is the most well know place in the area.

Taxis are all less than 5 euros from any hotel to any swingers club, just don't fall for the old giving a 20 euro note and the driver swearing blind it was only a 5 euro note.

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