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As such, they can suppress breathing and cause death.If a person is abusing Benzodiazapines and alcohol, there is an even more acute danger of death.In many of the cases, writers ask if it is true that alcohol consumption can cause personality changes and if the rageful comments made by the inebriated individual can be true.First, it is important to state that individuals react differently to alcohol.For some, rage can begin after one drink while for others, it may take many drinks.For those who experience this release of aggression after drinking the speed of the onset of their belligerence may depend on their recent mood and stress level.Please go to the following URL to read some background information on this issue: /poc/view_doc.php?type=advice&id=1510&at=7&cn=14&d=1The above are three comments that people have posted to Mental Health Net in recent months.

One of the most dangerous factors involved in drinking, besides the well known one about the dangers of drinking and driving, is mixing alcohol consumption with medications.

He tells me how he was so much happier before he met me and that I am a terrible mother and that everyone thinks that I am not good enough for him.

Are these his true feelings that are coming out when he drinks?

These three are typical of the many comments and questions we get about alcohol abuse.

All of the posts mention feelings of shock about the way the writers have been treated by their spouse or significant other when they have been drinking.

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In contrast to those who are the happy drunks are those who become rageful when they are drinking.

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