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He awkwardly tries to do so for their "cover" and then she leads him to the home theater room.Casey sees them go in there and beelines for the theater room. Students spend a day learning about the life of a Civil War soldier.There was an Opening Ceremony at Kennedy Park complete with cannons being fired.Sarah and Casey hope he will flash on them but then Jeff walks in on everything wanting to nap in there.Chuck flashing on the picture of the water lilies painting that is on the front of the newspaper Jeff is carrying.He sees "La Ciudad", " Art Auction tomorrow night", CIA documents, weapons, and the water lilies painting from before.And Chuck concludes that La Ciudad will be at the Art auction tomorrow night.

He talks about the not so outstanding perks associated with the potential raise.“In the years I played in Houston, Texas, I played with a group that presented new music at recitals – music that hasn’t been recorded. While Larsen is a popular and prolific composer, orchestras rarely perform pieces that audiences are unfamiliar with. It makes us better human beings and better servants to society. (“Atmosphere as a Fluid System”) is all about fluidity and the flow of the orchestra sounds into the flow of the flute sounds.“It is usually the 20th Century (and earlier) composers that they are sure are marketable, such as Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart,” he said. It’s very modern in that way --- we live in a dynamic, ever-changing world.”Despite flying in just a week before the concert from Puerto Rico, where Casillas is the principal flutist of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Puerto Rico and the flute professor at the Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico, he said he will be prepared to play the piece with musicians and a conductor that he has never worked with before.“Oh, it’s nerve-wracking, but thanks to tradition and discipline, we all have the same language – music,” he said.A British man thanks the man with the pony tail and gives him a briefcase full of money. A kid, at the Buy More, complains that thats is the problem, that is can't shoot.Chuck offers to fix it without any hesitation and fixes it with a balled point pin. Harry Tang walks up behind them and tells Chuck that Big Mike wants to see him but Chuck tells him that he is with a customer.

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