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Al scored another minor hit in 1980 with "Another One Rides the Bus" (a parody of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust") and decided to pursue a career in music, feeling architecture wasn't really his calling.

After a modest start (including a disastrous gig opening for Missing Persons), Al and his band released his first album on Scotti Bros.

She was last seen as a pre-teen, in one of the last episodes of the series.

Icheb joined the crew in mid Season 6, when Voyager liberated him from the Borg Collective, along with three other children.

Neelix was an attempted callback to several "fantasy" characters from the 1980s, particularly Hoggle from .

Together with Kes, who was his Love Interest in earlier seasons, the writers were attempting to add alien characters who were reminiscent of the Fae.

In reality, what we got was more like Tom Bombadil....

Neelix was her primary caretaker besides her mother.Later turned out to be a surgically-altered Cardassian spy who got caught in Janeway's dragnet. Seska was outed while attempting to smuggle Voyager's tech to the Kazon, whose side she defected to.She climbed her way up the ranks by becoming pregnant with Maj Cullah's child.She was Neelix's girlfriend until they broke up in the third season.Eventually her latent telepathic powers grew out of control and she left the main cast Kes' replacement on the main cast was a disconnected member of the Borg, a species dominant in the Delta Quadrant.

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