Sap error while updating the classification data

Location Fields | | CIFMAT01 |Enhancement for Transferring Customer-Specific Matl Fields | | CIFMAT02 |Extension for Transferring Deactivated Materials | | CIFORD01 |Enhancement for Incoming Orders Interface | | CIFORD02 |Enhancement for Transferring Customer-Specific Order Fields | | CIFORD03 |Enhancement for In-House Prod. maint.) | | CNEX0021 |Extra info in DIN field of hierarchy graphic (netw.Order Customer Fields| | CIFORD04 |Determine Rework Operations or Triggering Operation | | CIFPCM01 |Enhancement for Recipient Processing in Production Campaign | | CIFPIR01 |Enhancement of Incomng Ind. maint.) | | CNEX0022 |Extra info in DIN field (standard network maintenance) | | CNEX0023 |Customer-specific node info.There you can check for the appropiate user exit and insert the new enhanced code in function modules for your needs.Here you find the complete list of SAP Userexits in SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7: (You can find this list in your SAP system as follows: TA CMOD - -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Exit name|Short text | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 0VRF0001 |Customer-spec.

for Names/Texts of CS Org Units | | FMC10011 |EC-CS Integration: Data Entry and Reconciliation | | FMC40001 |EC-CS: Modification for Curreny Translation | | FMC50000 |EC-CS: Determine exchange rate for local currency change | | FMCFBUD1 |ISPS: FYC Budget: Calculating Max.route determination | | AAIC0001 |IM Summarization: Processing values after selection | | AAIC0002 |IM Summarization: Processing of assigned entities after sel.| | AAIC0003 |IM Summarization: Definition of User-Defined Characteristics| | AAIP0001 |IM Drilldown: Assignmt of Actual Values to Budget Catgories | | AAIP0002 |IM Drilldown: Definition of User-Defined Key Figures | | AAIP0003 |IM Drilldown: Definition of User-Defined Characteristics | | AAIR0001 |IM-IS: User value fields in reporting | | AAIR0002 |IM-FA: User fields for app.Therefore, you should always check the available user exits in the area for your needed enhancements.You can activate user exits in the SAP transactions SMOD and CMOD.

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