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Sometimes, between fun and games, we end up wrestling each other and I must confess this gets me pretty wet, especially when I have her sexy body pressed up against mine!

I had never thought about having sex with a girl until I met her.

In the interview, Sunny claimed she refused to be an on-screen couple with African American wrestler Farooq, real name Ron Simmons.. ” and then hits back at rumours she had slept with Simmons and another black wrestler Ahmed Johnson.

Sunny said in the 2012 interview: “Send a white man my way, not that I am racial in any way shape or form, but I just don’t do that.” Elsewhere in the same two-hour interview, she claims “black athletes love me” – claiming “it's the blonde hair, the boobs, and the butt”.

Those rules exist because such posts ruin this website for people that don't have the severe mental health issues required to be aroused by that sort of bullshit.

How do you record someone that is live on a webcam if you are caming with them ???????????????????

So I just got into this webcam shit watching little hotties on webcam.

Synch is known as one of the first ever “Divas” in WWE and was one of the company’s top stars in mid-90s.

She worked as a presenter, on-screen manager, and occasionally wrestled with the then WWF, as well as now closed company ECW.

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