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But, regardless of what they say, it really has to do with the fact that males have higher status and value in our culture.

Even for me, when I got Lalit I insisted on a male dog.

The Intelligence of Dogs, Why Does My Dog Act That Way?

The newspaper said that there were 500 dogs there but it was hard to know with all the milling around and confusion.

As happens around the world the dog becomes a member of the family and therefore becomes a target for all of the family's cultural beliefs and practices. After all the dog is like family, like a child, and as in human families in my country, it is still the case that male children are more prized.

Given the importance of marriage in the Indian culture, it thus becomes important that the family dog should be wed to another of its own breed. If you ask many of the dog owners I know in Delhi they will tell you that they prefer a male dog because females are messier-they are talking about their menstrual periods.

Poodles have a special status since a single haircut by a dog groomer can cost more than the wages that a lower class Indian earns in a month, thus making the cost of the prestige conveyed by that breed quite high.

However, owning an expensive purebred dog involves more than simply using it as a status symbol.

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Just like in the case of people who have similar problems, we now seem to have need for matchmakers for our dogs.

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