Updating excel data with dsn less connection vba

So the data thus becomes available to anyone with an Internet connection, but the application itself, the front-end (FE), remains on each user’s local computer.

A few people have now asked me ‘Why such an article? Simply put, Microsoft has, once again, not provided a simple step by step explanation of how to accomplish this task.

In Windows XP, for example, this configuration is done on the client using Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Data Sources. IOK file to numerous desktops within an organisation, if 'refresh from source' functionality is desired, this could require the same ODBC data source to be manually configured on every PC...

potentially time-consuming for central administrators Fortunately, it is possible to configure a "DSN-less" ODBC database connection within Omniscope.

Move Next Loop Set rs = Nothing Set cmd = Nothing conn.

However, DSN-less connections aren’t for every situation in Access.

Sometimes they’re clunky, or some functionality of Access just with a DSN-less connection.

For example, to connect to a sample Access database, you might use the following in the Data Source Name (DSN) field: however all other parameters are database vendor-specific, although they often are similar.

To find out the connection string specific to your database vendor and configuration, use the Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator: This gives you the full connection string.

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In this example, the string becomes: DRIVER=; UID=admin; User Commit Sync=Yes; Threads=3; Safe Transactions=0; Page Timeout=5; Max Scan Rows=8; Max Buffer Size=2048; FIL=; Driver Id=25; Default Dir=C:\; DBQ=C:\db1Note: This is more verbose than absolutely necessary, the following will suffice, in this example: DRIVER=; DBQ=C:\db1Finally, paste this connection string into the ODBC Data Source Name field of the Omniscope Database Connection wizard, as described above.

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