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A 28 year old lady who identified herself found at one of the guest houses during the operation told ZANIS that she had come from the Copperbelt to Solwezi to the “self body traders” because she wanted to earn a living after her father.

The District Commissioner warned that the practice of harboring prostitutes as permanent clients in rooms was creating artificial shortage of accommodation for genuine visitors to Solwezi and also encouraged the spread of HIV/AIDS.

“On good days, I used to make more than 0 a night, but these days is hard to come by,” Alice said.

Rentals are pegged at an average of 0 per month and with large-scale unemployment in the country, not many can afford the charges, leaving some property owners in the Avenues with little choice, but to turn their flats into mini brothels with huge dividends.

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A combined team of Solwezi district council officials, Zambia police, health inspectors and stakeholders led by district commissioner Albert Chifita on Saturday swung into action closing illegal taverns and some guest houses .

“We could give sexual favours or money to the police so they protected us, not just from competition, but from men who would attempt to abuse us,” another sex worker, Alice, said.

A snap survey of the amounts charged by sex workers in the Avenues showed that the fees now range between and for a short session and to for the whole night, a significant decline from the previous to range.

However, competition for the few clients available is now stiff, forcing many to work in the afternoon and mornings,” one sex worker said in an interview last week.“The police would then arrest those coming from other areas and leave us to do our work, which protected our dominance of the Avenues,” she said.Nancy’s assertions were buttressed by two other sex workers.Numbers of sex workers on the streets have now swelled as they freely roam the streets from midmorning until late, hoping to mop up whatever cash potential clients are willing to part with for a few moments of pleasure.There has been an influx of women, including girls as young as 13, on the streets, where they openly flaunt their services.

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The team also flushed out commercial sex workers from the guest houses . Chifita said the illegal premises have not complied with the provision of public health Act cap 295, food drug Act cap 303 and local government Act Cap 281 of the laws of Zambia.

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